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anything new?

Gary Houchens

No news right now. I haven't been able to determine what happened at the hearing in July - if it took place. Will follow up with my contact in MA and post when I know more.


Thank you for your updates. I also have admired his work, but am holding off on hiring him for our district until this is resolved. I will mark your page for updates

D Ray

Just checking in on this case. Nothing new?

Gary Houchens

Waiting to learn more about the July hearing. Next hearing scheduled for October. That's all for now.

Brandee Barnaby

I, too, am having some difficulty in wrapping my head around this situation, and how I perceive his credibility to be, at least, stained. Waiting for your next update. Thank you for keeping the education community in the loop.


A couple of comments. I can't help but wonder how Reeves kept his criminal conviction hidden for so long. Regarding the assault charge, I for one, simply don't believe that children make stories like that up. And finally, my husband is an assistant DA and has always said that cases never make it all the way to trial unless the person who was charged actually committed the crime. This entire thing gives me the creeps.

Stan Scheer

Doug owned an investment brokerage firm in Cheyenne, Wyo when he was convicted of the fraud charge. There is more to that story in his defense. Those of us who lived in Cheyenne at the time were very aware of the conviction and the circumstances regarding the case. It certainly was not kept secret at the time of the trial and conviction as far as the local press was concerned.

I will continue to believe that Doug is innocent of the charge against
him currently until it is proven otherwise by the legal system. I do appreciate the update.



"And finally, my husband is an assistant DA and has always said that cases never make it all the way to trial unless the person who was charged actually committed the crime."

My guess is that your assistant DA husband may have said something other than what you posted. Could it be you are telling us what you heard,as in, your interpretation, rather than what he said?

I'm no attorney, but I KNOW cases make it to trial EVERY DAY with innocent people. DNA tests have shown that some people have spent 30 years in prison, some have even been executed, only to find out that the person was innocent.

Why would we even need trials if what you post is true?

I hope Dr. Reeves is innocent. And if the jury finds him guilty, I will still respect his views on education and how much his work has influenced me as a teacher. I do not believe the fraud charges should have any impact on this trial.



I had a chance to peruse one of Reeves books. A good 90% of his references were to his own previous work. To put it politely, it was incestuous.

Gary Houchens

A source close to the case tells me that, after multiple delays, the trial is scheduled to begin April 1, 2014. All future updates will appear here:

Rhonda Howard

I hope your assistant DA husband, or you, have learned from this... not everybody who gets to trial has committed the crime. Regardless of whether Dr. Reeves was guilty or not, your words (or your husband's words) made no sense... even to a layman.

Veteran Teacher

I knew Doug Reeves in Cheyenne and had his son in my Sunday School class. Years later I heard him speak in my local school district here in CA, and was shocked to see him presenting himself as an educator. It is my belief that during his time in Federal prison he internalized the teachings of gurus of the time such as Wiggins and Schmoker. He then used his adroit intelligence to recreate himself. While I appreciate the inherent hope of rehabilitation, as a veteran educator I have always resented the celebrity and wealth he has created without ever spending time as a classroom teacher. He is Robert Preston in the "Music Man", right down to the bow ties.

Joy Pulver

Reeves will be speaking at my little high school 5 days (in Falls Village, CT). I can't find a single word of biography before his first book, not even on his own bio page. The book I looked inside on amazon showed 'about the author' as being first, but it isn't there either.

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