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You stated "Perhaps one of the best arguments against high-stakes testing, if not always the most effectively voiced, is the idea that such assessments represent the ultimate form of industrialization in education."

If that is one of the "best arguments" something is drastically wrong. On my list of reasons why high-stakes testing (which ultimately means standardized testing) is wrong that one might come in last.

To get an idea of exactly just how "wrong" high-stakes and standardized testing is please read, if you haven't already read which I doubt because otherwise you wouldn't have made the above quoted statement, Noel Wilson's 1997 dissertation "Educational Standards and the Problem of Error" to be found at: http://epaa.asu.edu/ojs/article/view/577 .

There has been no rebuttal whatsoever of his damning critique of educational standards and standardized testing. In contacting Noel about his tome he told me that only a half a dozen or so people have contacted him about the study in the 14 years that it has been available on line.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me, Duane Swacker @ dswacker@centurytel.net

Gary Houchens

Thanks for the comment, Duane. I will look at this study.

I do, again, recommend John Taylor Gatto's book. I suspect he wouldn't take issue Dr. Wilson's research.



I have read some of what JT Gatto has written but not for a couple years. May have to go look it up again.

I would be interested in your views on Wilson's dissertation. Another bit of his writing (a tad shorter piece) on the validity or as he puts it invalidity is "A Little Less than Valid: an Essay Review" found at http://www.edrev.info/essays/v10n5.pdf

Thanks for responding. By the way what was your dissertation and can I access it by internet?


Gary Houchens

Duane, I'll post a link to my dissertation as soon as my Internet is back up (I'm pecking on my phone at the moment). It was a multi-case study using Argyris and Schon's concept of "theories of practice" to study the instructional leadership of successful principals. You'll be interested to know my own research is all qualitative. I share your sentiment that the mostimportant things can't be easily measured.

Gary Houchens

My dissertation study can be accessed here: http://digital.library.louisville.edu/utils/getfile/collection/etd/id/863/filename/864.pdf

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