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We live in Minneapolis, MN, and my daughter is in a free public school that offers a Montessori education. This was available to us through the city's school choice options. The school does a wonderful job with the Montessori method, and so far my daughter loves it (she is in Schoolhouse).

Gary Houchens

Thanks for your comment, Christine. I'm so happy you've found a great Montessori option in your public schools.

Sheryl Morris

Worrying about schools "that might try some half-baked version of Montessori and see it fail," might render us inactive.
No Montessorian wants to see a school fail, however, "We've got to get Montessori to more children!"

There are esteemed organizations that hold us to the highest, authentic Montessori standards, and then there are young moms and dads making Montessori adaptations at home while learning on the fly about various parenting styles. There are private schools blessed with adequate funds and abilities for raising resources, and there are those that endeavor—sometimes within austere budgets—to bring Montessori education to children in parts of the world that are remote and impoverished.

Writers, speakers, and video producers engage in workshops and conferences in order to elevate the awareness of Montessori philosophies and methods.

Researchers study brain development and how the brain learns. They compare skills of children in classic Montessori programs with those of children in supplemented Montessori schools and, also, with those children in conventional schools.

Others build bridges and look to exchange best practices with other holistic, child-centered programs; still others work to bring Montessori into the public sector.

Last, but not least, there are the teachers working daily in the classroom, balancing their own educated and discerning expectations with those of school administrators and those of parents.

Shannon Nuckols

I am a public school teacher. I am currently in training for an AMI diploma and have implemented Montessori in my classroom. It has been like giving these children Christmas! I am amazed at their joy, responsibility, and independence. When you see this kind of change in your classroom, you can't go back to the traditional way of instructing. Montessori needs a voice in the public school system. Especially for our children living in poverty. It is a Method that empowers them.

Susan Zoll

A thousand times YES!

My career has included being a Montessori teacher, administrator, teacher trainer, and parent of 2 children who attended schools that implemented the Montessori philosophy. More recently I have worked on 4 federally-funded demonstration and research projects (ERF and ECEPD); and currently I teach in higher ed.

The toughest part has been bridging the language and expectations of these two worlds! Neither recognizes what can be learned from the other.

Recent research in neuroscience and young children's learning was the focus of Maria Montessori's observations of how children learn and the basis of her pedagogy - over a hundred years ago.

Thank you for this thoughtful blog. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Susan Zoll, Ph.D.
Wheelock College


My three children all attended a public Montessori school that serves mostly low income and non-native English speaking families. It was a fantastic experience for them. I am now getting my AMI Elementary diploma. Those of us in the elementary course say at least once a day, "if only I had learned ____ this way..." Fill in the blank: fractions, history, geometry, biology, etc. It is all presented in such an irresistible way, building interest and love for the subjects and for learning. I look forward to bringing Montessori to more kids ... as soon as I graduate!

Elijah Ali

I have heard that montessori schools in Minneapolis are wonderful. It is so different than regular public schools.

Rosie Sharpe

I love the link you shared with the FAQs on the differences between Montessori schools and more mainstream schooling. It's a great reference for any parent that's trying to decide what to do with their child's education. I'll be using it in the future. Thanks!

Rosie | http://www.montessorialberta.com/about.html

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