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Doug Reeves acquitted in indecent assault case

I have just received word that prominent education leadership author and speaker Douglas Reeves has been acquitted in his trial for indecent assault.

I have been following this case since Reeves' arrest in September 2012.  After numerous delays, the trial began this past Tuesday (April 1) and concluded today with a jury verdict that found Reeves not guilty.

Reeves was accused of indecent assault against a nine-year-old girl in his Massachusetts home in 2006.  He denied the allegations and was represented by prominent Boston defense attorney Max Stern, who has represented high-profile defendents like mob leader Whitey Bulger.

Following Reeves' arrest it was later revealed that he had spent time in prison in the 1990's for securities fraud.  It is unclear at this point whether that fact was considered relevant to this trial.

Readers of this blog have followed Reeves' case with close interest, generating thousands of visits to related posts.  I have also been contacted by educators from around the country eager to learn more.  Like me, many of them have considered Reeves an inspiration to our own work in schools.  Some have written me to express their disbelief and support; others have expressed their condemnation of Reeves' alleged actions.  It is unclear how Reeves' acquittal will now affect his standing in the education community.

I will post more on this case as information becomes available.

UPDATE, 4/8/2014: Read coverage of the trial and verdict from the Lynn, Massachusetts Daily Item here and here.

UPDATE, 4/11/2014: Read coverage of the trial and verdict from Education Week here.

UPDATE, 4/16/2014: Read about my interview with Reeves, in which he reflects on the trial and his future, here.


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