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Jane Bailey

Dear Dr. Houchens,

My name is Jane Bailey and I am the mother of the child victim in the Commonwealth v. Reeves criminal case. I am writing in response to your recent blog entry interviewing Doug Reeves. I take exception to Doug's statement that there are no winners in this case. Indeed, my daughter stood up and testified and in her testimony spoke the truth. In so doing, she has moved from victim to an empowered young lady. Her strength and bravery in the face of the criminal justice system cannot be overstated. She is our hero! During the course of the criminal trial, when I looked across the courtroom at Doug Reeves, all I felt and all I still feel is profound sadness for him and his family. Thank you for following this story.

Rhonda Howard

I am happy to have Dr. Reeves back, to share his wisdom and research with educators.

I appreciate you following the trial, Dr. Houchens. Thank you for interviewing Dr. Reeves and sharing with the public. I wish I were you!

Dr. Reeves is approachable and personable; he has taken time to answer my questions in the past, and if you look on his new web-site, you will see he posts his phone and e-mail for anybody wishing to contact him. (How does he have the time?)
Dr. Reeves has greatly influenced my teaching beliefs and practices.
Welcome back Dr. Reeves.

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