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Karen Bracken

Finally a voice of reason. What we are seeing today is school to work. It is a training program not education and it is modeled after the Communist education system. The US and Russia have been colluding on education exchange since Eisenhower and every President since Eisenhower has been involved. Reagan signed two such agreements in 1985 and 1989 and as recently as 2012 with President Obama. College is for careers that require college not just for the sake of going. It is a scam perpetuated to get $$$$$ and to hide the fact that good jobs are scarce. I accomplished a great career with a high school diploma because I was EDUCATED not trained like a monkey. Follow the money and you will find what is really driving education reform in America. First, it is not American it is global. The data collection is also part of it. A major part of it. This is how they will create and track a global workforce. It is sick what is happening and our own government is a leader in this scheme for a one world government, legal system, economic system, religion. Control of all human activity but first we have to indoctrinate a complete generation of children to make it happen. Destroy loyalty to country, God and family. Loyalty only to the collective. We are raising our kids to believe the government takes care of them. Feeding them in school, providing medical services in school. All the things parents should be doing.

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