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How is it a choice when the governments plan is to fully fund charter schools and cut public education deeply to the point that they become insolvent?

Gary Houchens

If such were the "government's plan" then it failed spectacularly since charter students were denied the chance to bring their education dollars with them to a new school and education spending was actually expanded.


You have to realize that pulling funding from public schools, no matter how small, directly and immediately impacts the ability of public schools to educate children well and attract teachers. Because the school can't afford it, we have sent in communal supplies every year that our daughter has been in school. This is in addition to our daughter's supplies. What does a charter school solve that a well-funded public school cannot?

Gary Houchens

Richard, schools have always had to supplement with fundraising, and charter schools are no exception. For more on the argument for charters, and especially on the argument that they "drain money" from traditional public schools, see this post and the embedded links: http://schoolleader.typepad.com/school-leader/2018/04/kentucky-charter-school-basics.html

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