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How is the obvious push to privatize education going to accelerate student learning in this state? The number of students whose learning will be accelerated will eventually be out numbered by the ones left behind in a for profit education system. The damage being done here, and to the country on a national level, by the cuts to public education will last for many year...

Lynn Greene

It was my understanding that there were three board members that said this very thing. Not understanding how that could be. Could you please outline the problematic issues the Board had with Dr Pruitt?

Gary Houchens

Lynn, I cannot speak for other Board members. Whatever they might have said elsewhere or on other occasions, I was the only vote against this agreement.

Gary Houchens

Georgi, Dr. Pruitt supported charter schools for Kentucky. For me, school choice is not about privatization. It's about giving low-income families additional options, which is something affluent families already enjoy. I believe we can do that and still have great public schools. See my other posts on this blog for more information as to why I am a school choice supporter and public school advocate.

Beverly Moore

All students in Jefferson County Schools already have choices. A choice system is not a panacea. There are many problems creating a choice system that gives equitable choices to all students. Primarily, it is because not everyone can go to the most popular school, as with higher education where everyone cannot go to Harvard.

With private schools vying for the best students in a charter system, there will probably be even more economic segregation in that system than exist in JCPS. The disadvantaged will be discriminated against just as much. The disadvantaged children will still be disadvantaged at home. They will still change schools often. They will still have parents in jail, unemployed, on drugs, or working three jobs to feed the family, etc. Making those children compete for places in desired charter schools is just cruel.

Gary Houchens

Beverly, I'm not sure how your comment relates to the post above, but I'm always eager to engage in discussion on charter schools. First, I would agree with you that choice is not a panacea. We should have more choices because it works, it is fair, and it's more consistent with how we deliver other highly personal public services. Please see more about how charter schools work, and the argument for school choice, here: http://schoolleader.typepad.com/school-leader/2018/04/kentucky-charter-school-basics.html

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