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Lawrence Phillips

Do you feel that EPSB will consider lessening the requirements for administrators, as well? If these arguments hold true for teachers should KY do away with the post-masters mentality for principals and superintendents?

Gary Houchens

One of the recommendations the committee is expected to make to EPSB is to remove the Master's requirement for admission to principal certification programs (a return to the same policy we had before 2013). I support that change also. Many outstanding administrators earned their principal licensure at the master's level, and that sets them up to continue toward additional certifications at the Rank I or doctoral level. I believe that change will broaden the pool of potential principal candidates, which will be beneficial to districts.

Taylor Thompson

The information that advanced degrees have little impact on teacher performance raises a lot of questions. I will submit these cautions and considerations when following that kind of research: (1) Find out how teacher performance was defined and measured; (2) Check how long the time span was over which the measurement occurred; (3) Consider what types of improved performance were expected from the advanced degree,if these types were measured AND if these performances were even possible or allowed by the teaching situation; (4) Consider the flexibility and long term usefulness of the skills and knowledge learned in the degree.

Kare Schroader

Would enjoy reading more on whether EPSB is going to change the masters requirement for administration degrees. Can you share a link?

Corey Turpin

Do you see a change to non-education majors in relation to OPTION 6 certification? Will non-education majors still be required to get a masters degree in teaching? Or will there be an altered route for certification that doesn't require the masters degree?

Gary Houchens

The same EPSB task force that recommended waiving the Rank 2 requirement has also recommended removing the requirement that one must have a master's degree for admission to a principal certification program. I'm hopeful that will be approved in coming months. This will allow universities to offer principal certification as either a Rank 2 or Rank 1 option (or cert only).

Gary Houchens

I don't believe the task force has considered Option 6 at this point. I don't believe the state requires a master's for Option 6. Rather, I think that's just the way universities typically package such programs. With the change in the Rank 2 requirement I wouldn't be surprised if universities rethink that approach.

Gary Houchens

All good points. Every research study and methodology has its limitations. My own review of this research leads me to the conclusion that we just can't say with confidence that the Master's degree does, in fact, have a measurable impact on student learning. And therefore it shouldn't be a mandated requirement, no matter what other positive benefits advanced degrees may bring.

tom willis

Could it be that universities are dropping the ball???? Shouldn't we expect universities to be providing programs that cause teachers to improve? A masters degree program should be some of the best professional development that teachers receive...then again, maybe professional development might not be necessary...after all the state has essentially eliminated funding for pd.

Judy Stice

I am so proud of my degrees. My daughter saw my enthusiasm for seeking knowledge. She is now a principal. Her daughter saw her enthusiasm. She became a teacher who is now working on her Master’s degree. Knowledge seeking. That is what we pass to students and family members. Unfortunately, those who have decided that teachers do not need high expectations have dropped the ball for future generations and have devalued the past generations...those who have promoted high expectations. It is a sad day for true educators. Judy Stice, retired teacher.

Gary Houchens

Thanks, Judy. I am proud of my degrees also, and of all those who earn them. By state mandate, districts will continue to reward teachers who advance their education with graduate degrees, and graduate degrees will continue to be required for additional certifications like administration. The only change is that teachers will no longer be forced to earn them if doing so does not make sense for them or fit with their career plans.

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