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Richard G. Innes


There is far too much assumed coverage in these draft social studies standards. This runs afoul of a legal stipulation in Kentucky Statute that basically says something not in the standards cannot go on the state's tests.

A very recent Attorney General's opinion (OAG 18-018), by the way, says "courts 'look first to the plain language of a statute[.]' Id. ( citation omitted). If the legislature's intent can be ascertained by the plain language, the court's inquiry ends without resort to any other method or source. Id. (citation omitted)."

For one troubling example, please explain why World War I and II are specifically mentioned in the standards while the Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars are not. Aside from an obvious slight to more recent vets, it seems like lots of lessons to be learned from these wars won't be.

By the way, a law requires students to receive instruction about Veterans Day, but these standards ironically omit the wars fought by an increasing percentage of our living vets.

Furthermore, because WW I and II are specifically mentioned, could omission of the more recent wars be viewed by the courts as a big problem if you put questions about those more recent conflicts in the state's assessments? Or, is the intent to just ignore these conflicts completely?

Please pull these standards back and do more work on them.

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