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Judy Schmitt

Kids need to be back in school. In-person for their mental health!

Lori L Alvey

Kids need to be back in school! My child needs face to face in class room setting!


Kids do need to be back in school, that is true. But the students and staff need to be protected also. Our lives, staff and students, are more important than physically being in a classroom or participating in an extracurricular activity. Why should we put ourselves in a greater risk situation? Over 50% of the staff are in higher risk groups, including their family members. What will mom and dad do when their child comes home and everyone ha to be quarantined? From where will the substitutes come if a staff member is quarantined or become sick? How will these situations improve the education process? They would still be remote learning and not in-person. Why must educators always be the sole solvers of our socio-economic problems?

States that have jump to start in person with little enforcement of protective procedures and higher infection rates are now backtracking and having to change course on a fast moving, narrow and rocky stream. Which leads to more problems than if they had slowed down and better assess the situation.

At least in Kentucky, most districts were planning for both situations. Now we can do a better job at both. Focus over the next 1.5 weeks plus at setting up and delivering a better virtual environment. Then, start to focus on delivering a better, though compromised, in-person experience once we return to the building


My daughter is an assistant principal in a school system, she came to pick up her boys Monday and was in tears because of Andy Beshear’s deciision. She has a son starting kindergarten and one in 4th grade. Our children NEED to be in “in person” school. It is affecting them in ways we may not realize for years to come!!!!

Starla Buckley

First, Beshear is no where near the bully Bevin was. I don’t consider Beshear a bully at all. Our district chose in-person as an option for parents and I am glad we did. I think our kids need to be back in school if at all possible. I can easily explain to you why there is no out cry. I doubt there was a single educator in the state that supported what Bevin was trying to do to teachers. Nor was there a single teacher that wasn’t hurt and angered by the horrible things he said about us. This situation is totally different because many teachers do support his decision to shut down and go completely virtual. I teach in a building where people have opinions for both and we respect each other’s opinions. In no way has Beshear belittled or degraded teachers or the teaching profession. We really can get through this together even when we RESPECTFULLY have differing opinions on what is best.

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