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Donnie Wilkerson

Dr. Houchens,
Isn't it tragic that this is all we have to show after the expenditure of forty two million dollars! What's even more tragic is that FranklinCovey walked away with over six million of those dollars. I still anxiously await a final financial accounting of this fiasco which can only be characterized as the epitome of government boondoggles! Think of all the library books or other much needed resources that could have been purchased for these poor schools.Surely by now you've been impacted by the overwhelming evidence in support of strong teacher-led content driven direct instruction pedagogical models instead of the same old (newly packaged) Deweyesk approaches. They have not worked for decades and will not work in the future. I know you are a fan of Hirsch and now there are so many others to back him up . . . . Hattie, Willingham, Christodoulou, Didau, Wexler, Kirschner and many others. Until we recognize this core problem, academic progress and gap closure will remain elusive!

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